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Paddy milling machine / Paddy Peeler

  Paddy milling machine / Paddy Peeler



Intended Use
Peeler machines are used in paddy processing plants to peel the paddy from its shell and separating the peeled products into four groups. These products are; husks, dust, cargo rice and weak grains.

Usage Area
Beya Machine has developed a new paddy peeler for high capacity combined machine requiring rice processing plants. The paddy peeler and the shell aspirator which are combined, provides more production capacity, less space, less energy consumption and low maintenance costs.

Features And Benefits
High quality and high performance
Long life
Minimum maintenance requirements
Dust-free working opportunities
Maximum security
High production capacity
Minimum breakage rate
Low power consumption
Combined peeler and peel separation system
Compact size small installation space
Touch control panel with easy to use PLC